The Art of Organizing by Valerie Bonoan

The Art of Organizing by Valerie Bonoan

Lately, my life has been going nonstop. With big transitions happening left and right, I had to find myself a sanctuary in which I could just process and be present in the moment. That place had to be no other than my home. 

Making a space cozy and decorated nicely has always been very important to me. I long for the feeling of coming home to a space that is peaceful and clean. If my room is a mess, chances are my mind is also a mess. Therefore, I make it a point to always keep my home organized as much as possible. It gets to the point that I will still make my bed in the morning regardless if I’m running late to my appointment. In a sense, I am rewarding my future self. The one that will come home tired and longing for rest. It is the best feeling when you work all day and reward yourself with a clean and organized home. That is the feeling my future self will thank me for.

Anyways, one of the big life transitions I had was moving across the country. Therefore, you can imagine the mess I’ve dealt with buying new furniture, home essentials, and unpacking all of my things. Despite the sudden shift in my life, I made it a goal to organize my home as soon as possible. There’s something about giving each of my things a home in my home that feels so right! It’s as if everything is in order and where they should be. 

One of the biggest tasks of organizing is what goes inside my closet. This probably took the most time fixing. I love the concept of Sheet Keeper because it keeps my hard work sealed. No longer will blankets and sheets get messed up in the closet when I take them out. If you would’ve seen what my closet for sheets, towels, and comforters looked like. It was a nightmare, and no one in my house dared to organize it. It was that way for about 4 years. Thankfully, when I heard of Sheet Keeper; it completely transformed the closet. We no longer stuff in newly washed sheets in there like we used to, but it actually motivates us to keep adding on to what’s already organized. It definitely set the tone for us.

With that said, organizing takes work. But it’s work that you’re future self will thank you for. Leaving you with peace, a sound mind, and an abundant life.

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